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Give your stuff a second life


We work on a consignment method which means that you get paid after your item sells.


Bvlgari Silk Scarf signed by Davide Pizzigoni/ Masquerade


Bvlgari Silk Scarf signed by Davide Pizzigoni/ Hands


We created the company in beliefs of the necessity to slow down so called  fast fashion which contributes about 10% of the environmental  impact by releasing huge amounts of toxic products.

By selling you gently used clothes you no longer needed, you make a contribution to saving our environment and make the world a cleaner place.

Besides, it is a great opportunity to regularly update your closet!

Just Bought


We would like to help both groups of people ,first who wants to sell their fashion good they no longer needed and get money for it,and second, who were dreaming to buy an authentic piece of garment but couldn`t afford that straight from the store.We make it possible by offering them  slightly used at much lower prices.

Just Bought
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