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Trendy ways to wear a silk scarf

As 90’s fashion is back this year ,the old ways to wear scarves is back too.

First we noticed Victoria Beckham was wearing her long silk scarf attached to the belt .Although she did it slightly different than in the 90’s when it was popular to use a scarf as a belt for the skirt or pants, she brought the forgotten trend back with a fresh view on it.

Scarf is a truly great accessory with different ways to use it.

In this article we gathered the most popular styles and ways to wear a scarf this year.

Neck wrap.

It is the most classic way to wear a scarf which has a plenty room for a fantasy also .

Head wrap

You can not only use a scarf to style your head and hair but also to warm it up in cold weather using a big sized scarf.

Shoulders wrap

That`s right, wrap it around your tank top or even around your coat in Fall and winter.


Such beautiful silk scarf doesn`t have to be just an accessory .It can be a whole garment solution.

Hips Wrap

Wearing scarf as a belt is a great idea as it will definitely will add an element of freshness to any garment.


Small sized scarves are the best for this use, especially square shaped.


Also a beautiful way to wear it is put it on your ponytail or braid.

Hand Wrap

Another way to wear you new accessory is to wrap it around your hand.


During the pandemic and simply cold weather, wearing a beautiful silky scarf as an alternative for a mask can become an excellent new trend.

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