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What is Fashion Consignment and why it is Important to Re sell or Donate the clothes you don`t need.

It is a well known fact that the competition in the fashion world is huge.

Let me ask you a simple question. Would you rather buy clothes from the stores that offer a wide variety of poorly made clothes which will not last even a year but for a small price, or a piece of a high quality garment from a less known fashion boutique or consignment store, who didn`t use the child labor in third countries to save on the production and use only high quality materials which will last your whole life and which potentially save the water and forests because of no need for throw it away?

Unfortunately , most of us would choose buying fast fashion, because it is not only cheaper , but also always trendy in the city you live.

Recent research shows, that fast fashion is the reason of water pollution in the rural regions where it is manufactured and not all of us aware that dyes used in the fabrics of such fashion pieces pollute about ⅕ of industrial water .

It is not a secret that we live in the era of fast fashion , and it became more and more difficult for small designer`s brands to keep their businesses afloat ,while bigger brands , selling their merchandise successfully.Meanwhile , what keeps big brands bring new designs on the market so often , is the copying the original pieces of famous or even unknown designers .There is a special department ,or workers who do research on the internet and even personally go to small boutiques and big department stores like Macy's and Bloomingdales and just copying the designs they think can sell. They are not fake, because the original brand owner always has copyrights ,and such items owner won't have a problem at the airport security for transferring fake designer`s clothes or bags, but they also are not originals and featuring the tremendous lack of quality.

That` s why the consignment and thrift shops are so important! They not only help one people to make some extra cash by selling the clothes and other items they no longer need, but also make it possible for our planet to be a cleaner place and people to stay healthy and live longer.

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